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IDEA: Secure auto-deleting directories

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  Just curious. How tough would it be to make such a program?  The concept:  Selected directories (folders or even zip archives) that would securely auto-delete UNLESS one input a password within the user selected timeframe.  Inspiration:  The computer that requires a p-word within a timeframe in the series " Lost " on ABC.
                                                                                       - Partok

:tellme: I would suggest using an encryption tool and a strong password instead, as the chance of data loss is greatly reduced. Try Private Disk from, they even have a freeware Light version.

But if you really must, here's a script to try.

I've chosen not to make a "pretty" version of this tool to limit it's use.
It's untested! It will destroy your most valuable data beyond recovery! If you forget your pasword, turn off your computer immediately! Bypassing it is simple! Use with extreme caution!

DoOrDel - Startup tool that will delete user defined folders unless the right password is entered.

- Change the folders, password and wiping by editing the script.
- Supports wiping to prevent recovery. Download and install Eraser from in the same folder as the script.
- Keeps the program focused while active.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


What if someone such as your friend or family switch on your computer without your permission  :P What if you leave your computer after booting it up  :o

not only that - but what if you have a power surge and the computer reboots - that would be my fear!

be verrrrrrry careful with this!

I actually have some concerns about this and the potential for abuse.

What if someone puts it on someone else's pc and sets a pass and just walks away and acts like nothing happened. Then when their victim reboot and it asks for a pass, someone will be in big trouble and end up losing files. And someone else is likely to think it was very funny.  :down::(


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