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Adapt emptytxtfile.ahk to windows 8.1

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It's a really strange thing .
Goes well in windows 7 and now....
As tomos said :
try it anyway - cant hurt! (I think e.g. UAC can still limit software)
under windows 7 i also deshabilitated the UAC feature.
-Contro (August 11, 2015, 05:13 AM)
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I dont understand - [1] did you try it in 8 ? (right-click, run as admin)
[2] Did it work?

EDIT// win 7 & win 8 work differently - that is why it's good to try ;-)
-tomos (August 11, 2015, 05:48 AM)
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I disable UAC on everything.  Still Vista is more restrictive than XP, W7 more than Vista, and W8 more than W7.
Even my MoveIt program that just moves windows around, I run as Admin on W8.

A mistery then. I am the administrator Tomos.

I am going to try this :
as well say tomos may be the autohotkey version i use is for windows 7, very different to windows 8

I am sure i am using the same version, because i don't download the new one.

Then we'll comment

Best Regards

I am afraid i have the last one : v1.1.22.03

may be some incompatibility with the windows spanish version ?

A mistery then. I am the administrator Tomos.
-Contro (August 13, 2015, 10:56 AM)
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my point is this:
I believe 'running as administrator' can make a difference - even if you are the administrator.
I may be wrong - but will you please try it - it will either work, or not, and we can then drop it...


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