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Evidence Eliminator - What has your experience been?

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I fully agree. The so called antispyware crusaders, e.g HJT! log helpers are the worse of the bunch.

Carol Haynes:
Towards the bottom of the Radsoft page quoted above it says:

Eraser is a well-received product, and it's free (mostly) but it's only a shredder and doesn't take care of your Registry or anything else like that. E3, found here, does it all. And most importantly it's flexible: you create your own 'recipes' ad hoc to deal with new projects. You get an impressive array of prefab recipes, but the system is built so it's easy to make new recipes of your own.
--- End quote ---

Guess who sells E3? And guess what - E3 is $30 MORE expensive than EE. Here is a quote from the product tour:

But things go up and down, and so it was with Windows. From the zenith of Cutler's new incarnation of VMS we now have Windows XP, the worst of the bad, a directly user-hostile system with no good features and an endless stream of dangers, and its successor's already proven to be more bother than anything.


If you are still running a Windows box, give this collection some serious thought. Running Windows without it is a task too impossible to consider.
--- End quote ---


Now who is hyping their product (which by the way was apparently ported from Unix - which tends to suggest a lot of the criticisms he lays at EE's door could probably be applied elsewhere too).

To me the whole page is pure marketing hype based on the 'ignorance' and 'fear' model so beloved of web security scams and modern politicians.

OK, let's face it, EE is crapware and should IMHO be ignored and deplored - especially as they market it on the back of pornography that could result in prison sentences. Personally I think anyone who needs EE for its intended purpose deserves all they get.

On the EE product page it says:

Did you know...   that the government and police are installing black boxes in ISPs to record your Internet surfing and downloads for evidence?
--- End quote ---

If that is the case how does EE do anything to help? In fact what they are saying is EE is totally pointless because your ISP can submit all the evidence required to get you convicted!

Maybe I changed my mind - let's all promote EE as widely as possible that way paedophiles will think they are safe .... until the cops turn up and they spend the rest of their lives living with the consequences.

Re. Credit Card theft - I have had two credit cards compromised. Apparently one of them was by a disgruntled employee of a company who stole the credit card database before they were fired. The other I never did fid out how it happened but I scanned my system and found no malware and my new card wasn't compromised using the same system. I think most of this kind of fraud happens because companies have their security compromised from the outside (like a large well known retailer admitted a while ago when they had a large number of sets of card details compromised) and the other likely reason is because an employee is dishonest. It isn't hard to imagine when you pay for something by phone or, until chip and pin became common, in shops that an employee can note down the details.

The banks are to blame too - there is a simple solution to mail order/internet/'customer not present' type credit card fraud - only allow the products to be delivered to the address registered at the bank. It is easy to enforce by making the supplier directly responsible for the financial loss if they don't do that rather than the bank issuing a refund. If you want to give gifts that are delivered to another address find an alternative payment method (such as PayPal which verifies the card holder address by sending a code via the card statement).

Carol Haynes: hear ye hear ye on the RadSoft stuff.

Yes - thanks for doing the detective work on that, Carol  :Thmbsup:. Throws it all in a different light!


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