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DonationCoder Major Upgrades - Progress Report Thread

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Security shouldn't be an issue for us -- we are really using just the very basic features of joomla, without a bunch of 3rd party modules -- but more importantly -- users will not be able to register and have accounts on the cms, other than a handful of admins editing the pages.

That's why you use the existing admin account instead.

Why does this topic not show up right at the top of the search results when I search for 'cms' on advanced search sorting by newest first (even though it contains the word cms)? First result is a topic from Feb. 2014.

Ok, was searching this thread because I wanted to make a suggestion: how about we come up with some original content to celebrate the switch to a proper cms. Was thinking about stuff like reviews, short stories, new SW, member discounts, whatever.

phitsc, your post probably belongs on upgrade bug report thread -- it appears like the search is only returning a few of the search results, and only those where the word "cms" is in the topic.. it may be because of short letter length of the word cms.


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