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DonationCoder Major Upgrades - Progress Report Thread

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Well, you'll only be able to really test it on a https accessed host, and the DC test site doesn't have https, afaics.
--- End quote ---
agreed about testing the https part of things -- but one can still check out the basic new approach to embedding the videos, which should work for everyone.

I am (even more) confused by this talk about https; this post is including the "s":;boardseen#new

oh, sorry; you said the test page

Hey Mouser,

could we have Tapatalk on the new forum?

It would make it so much easier for me and others to follow the forum when I can have it on my mobile! :)

tapatalk -- i'll look into it. anyone else use that?

By the way, it's been decided -- the official forum upgrade will take place on September 1st.


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