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DonationCoder Major Upgrades - Progress Report Thread

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so those of you who use "unread since last visit" -- you click on the text link near your avatar, is that right?
-mouser (July 26, 2015, 09:47 PM)
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Yes, in my case.

I never click any of those links. I have my browser bookmark set to the unread posts page.
-app103 (July 27, 2015, 04:54 AM)
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This is probably the link I click the most on this site, both at the top and bottom of the page (depending on which is closest to where I am).

I'd keep the "member bar" minimized/hidden were it not for the fact that doing so will ALSO hide the search bar, which I use often enough that minimizing/maximizing the "member bar" section is a hassle. But if the search bar were always visible, I'd have it minimized all the time. It just wastes space at the top of every page, which is especially troublesome when viewing the site on mobile devices.

When I say "member bar" I mean that section at the top of the page with your avatar, that you posted a screenshot of several threads above. The one with the "since last visit" link we're talking about.

So I have a beta version of the new forum online on a server graciously provided by DC member PhilB.
It's a complete working forum with all accounts and posts from main DC forum as of July 27 or so.

If anyone wants to get a sneak peak at the new look and feel, try it and help look for bugs, and request features, just message me (or mail me [email protected]) and i will provide the url.

We are really close to being able to go live with the new forum.  I hope you folks like it!


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