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Firefox and Cyberfox release 39.0 stable

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So ignoring their "info collection policies", taken straight up "innocently", Google somehow just goes all Pac-Man in biz markets.

"Oh look. Apple re-invented the phone with the iPhone. But there's room for exactly two players in that market. So we'll go become the second one."

"Hmm. People seem to like these "browser" thingies. So we'll go make our own one of those too, and beat out the other *four* existing companies with combined thirty years of experience... yeah, three years should be enough to go do that."

So rather than something as focused as MS's pulverization of Nokia, Firefox seems to be "tricking themselves" into "Let's copy Chrome!" It's a bit like hypnosis. Nowhere else in computing do you produce these huge whole-number versions. But ... Chrome did it, so let's go! Rapid updating is fine. "Version 5.37 adds experimental chat support". Yay. Not "Version 39" (??!!)

Yay. Not "Version 39"
-TaoPhoenix (July 10, 2015, 12:34 PM)
--- End quote ---

Speaking of which I am on Firefox Nightly 42.0a1 (2015-07-09) right now.  Not just to be latest and greatest.  I am trying to find something that lets me watch flash video without pegging the CPU.  So far there really isn't a substitute that works on ESPN3 to watch Wimbledon.  But with this Nightly I seem to be able to keep it down to around 50% without closing all my Tray Hotkey thingies.  I have to assume the GPU in this Laptop is just a conversation piece.  Sure doesn't seem like any hw accel is happening here.  :)

So far this Nightly seems as stable as FF 39.  I hate it because every time I try a new FF it seems snappy for the first 2 weeks.  It must be starting with a new data folder.  Then it bogs down to just about the same speed as the last one I installed.   :down:


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