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LastPass alternatives with two-factor authentication? (including premium LP)

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Hello all,
I contributed a short impression about Dashlane in the following thread under General Discussion:
Won't repeat it here, but be aware, that it is NOT answering specific questions.
Berlin, Germany

I recently explained my frustrations with LastPass and asked for alternatives:

So, recently I've been a bit unhappy with where LastPass is going. My subscription is due for renewal soon, so I figured I'd consider alternatives.

Things I'm not liking about LastPass:

* The mobile (Android) app is now asking for location permissions. I feel there's no need for a password manager to need my location. I wrote to LastPass support about this and they said it was for their stupid LastPass browser that is also built into the app. I told them the browser was superfluous and that they should separate it into another app if they wanted to include that functionality, because all I wanted from them was to be able to store and retrieve my passwords. They didn't really respond to that.
* The browser add-on is now nagging me to "try LastPass Enterprise!" I'm already paying for LastPass Premium, and I'm just one person. Stop nagging me to try something meant for large companies!
* Every so often, the browser extension's auto-form-fill functionality stops working on sites where it has worked for months (or years). The only way I've found to get it to start working again is to delete the "site" and create it again.
I pretty much only pay for LastPass Premium to access my passwords on Android. And I don't use any of the features of the LastPass app (on Android) other than simply retrieving my passwords. I don't use their stupid browser. I don't have it auto-fill passwords or prompt me with login info, nor generate passwords on Android. Is there anything out there that provides the convenience of LastPass (secure cloud storage/retrieval) for Android without any of the extra crap?
-Deozaan (August 25, 2015, 11:28 AM)
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40hz suggested Enpass, which I tried out and was liking alright.

I'm currently using Enpass (
-40hz (August 25, 2015, 12:53 PM)
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I'm liking Enpass thus far. Thanks 40hz!
-Deozaan (August 25, 2015, 07:36 PM)
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Of course, as my luck would have it, I purchased Enpass earlier this month and today they released an update to the Android app which requires the Location permission. Considering that's the primary reason I wanted to switch away from LastPass, and how Enpass is just really clunky and not nearly as convenient or useful as LastPass, I guess I might as well just stick with LastPass.

I've contacted Enpass for a refund. Good timing, since my LastPass subscription would have expired today.

You could try using the free version of APK Permission Remover to remove what might be unneeded permissions from the APK before installation.

You could try using the free version of APK Permission Remover to remove what might be unneeded permissions from the APK before installation.
-4wd (September 17, 2015, 07:21 PM)
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That looks interesting and potentially useful. Thanks! But how do you get the APK of Google Play Store apps without first granting permissions/installing them?

As I said, I got in touch with the folks at Enpass asking for a refund. They got back to me and said that they don't use the location permission, but somehow through their use of Google Play Services, the Google Play Services library automatically added the location permission (against their will/knowledge). So they're working on releasing a new update without the location permission.

In summary: I'm giving Enpass some time to remove the permission before I continue with my stink about it. Hopefully they make it right. :) :Thmbsup:

Do a search for online APK download and you'll get hits for a number of sites that let you input the Play Store link and will download the APK file. (eg. )

There's also a Chrome extension that will do it from within the browser.

While I haven't looked, I think Titanium Backup can also grab the APK off the system.

And if that all fails, APK Permission Remover can try to modify the permissions of an installed app by making a copy, modifying, and then uninstalling/reinstalling it.


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