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Wrong colors in Screenshot Captor (4.1)


As soon as I "grab selected region" in Screenshot Captor, the colors of my screen change to violet etc. Same in the saved file. See attached file.

My ATI/AMD Fire Pro graphic card supports 10 bit pixel format. I need it for Adobe RGB color space. Does Screenshot Captor only support sRGB?

whoa that is weird!
but yes, i guess this is a result of not supporting a rare 10bit color format.. it might be difficult to support that.

question: what happens if you grab the entire screen with PrtScr?

PrtScr produces the same colors. Even pixels in black text get colored and unsharp.

Thank you very much "mouser" for your quick reply!

Please let me know when you have a solution for that problem. You would help so many photographers and designers etc. working on hardware calibrated monitors with a bigger color space than usual.

Best regards from Germany!


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