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Recommend image file renamer/renumberer for slide shows, please?


If you use Windows Photo Gallery, or IrfanView, or whatever image file viewer, it will present a series of images in the usual alphanumeric filename order.  Often I wouldn't want to do that, but to present a series in the logical order of telling a story, as it were.  Of course, you can easily rename images, but it's not quite so easy to rename a series and get the sequence right.

What I think I'd like is a program that presents a screen of thumbnails, or a bit bigger than thumbnails, and lets you drag and drop them into a visually pleasing order regardless of their current filenames, with, please, keyboard means of doing the same thing.  When they're ordered to one's satisfaction, press a button that would rename/renumber them by prepending numbers in the new sequence to their existing names.  That should make them play in the right order in any image viewer.  As a valuable refinement, the ability to click or press Enter on an image and have IrfanView or one's preferred image viewer present the image full size.

Is there such a thing, please?

Not drag & drop, but goodfor bulk renaming.

It supports regex.

FSViewer can do that.

- launch FSViewer.exe
- open your folder
- drag&drop
- select all and press F2
- rename e.g. as '### - *'
(three digit number - origin name.ext)


FSViewer can do that.
HTH?-AbteriX (June 08, 2015, 01:39 AM)
--- End quote ---
Yesss!  ;D

I was thrown off by having a left-side box for adding files, where they're in standard Windows sort order, and a right-hand input list where they're in the order you've drag-and-dropped them.  Had to look twice at the input list.  Very useful feature.

Many thanks indeed!


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