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Newer password keepers/form-fillers - anyone using Dashlane or 1Password?

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The Master Password as a way to access one's sticky account was addressed in the beta forum.-Innuendo (September 21, 2015, 08:37 PM)
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They do have some loading-animation thing when you sign into the forum, so I kinda guessed they might be doing something like this - it makes me a bit uneasy in closed-source software, especially when it's not a FAQ bullet mentioning the algorithm. OTOH, it can be safer than a password if implemented correctly.

Redownloaded StickyPassword on OSX today, it's gone from StickYpassword_rev388.dmg to *_rev435.dmg - and now I was able to sign in to the existing account. Local WiFi sync works, and the BitDuJour discount was still in effect, so yeah, there we go.

The OSX version still needs a lot of polish compared to the Windows one, it doesn't have a top-bar icon like, say, 1Password, the preferences menu doesn't have a lot of options, there's no passphrase generator, and currently only Chrome and Safari addons.

Hm, it's storage format is SQLite, which is nice - it seems like only the entry data itself is encrypted, though, rather than a block-level encryption of the entire database.
Newer password keepers/form-fillers - anyone using Dashlane or 1Password?


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