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Processes and/or folders to exclude from malware scanners for Exchange email

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Things I can't find in your messages:
- What 'malware scanner' product are you using? (aha! Malwarebytes, it's hidden in the sub-context of the second story/message) and why this product?
- Is that scanner running locally? (I seem to deduce it does)

What I am looking for is Specifically what should i exclude from being scanned by Malwarebytes.

:)  I hate being BRAND specific when complaining but there is is.

Good Old MBAM  Been around forever and probably the number one Malware program worldwide.
Many people have posted o their forums the EXACT symptoms i posted.  They each get blown off by one of the Moderators too after they have them run exhaustive scans with multiple no-name scanners and then proceed to tell them everyting else that is wrong with their system totally ignoring the fact that the User point blank explained to the techs that removing or disable their product (Malwarebytes) solved the problem.
End of story

My case is identical.  There are several more exactly like my own and each got blown off with such poor attitude that it makes me want to dump the product line. They have JUST NOW renewed about 30 licenses and if i can get those refunded I am at the point where i would gladly do so.  
They must have some competition who works just as well but has a better view toward supporting their customer base.

I am not usually so blunt but these forum techs spend more time looking for excuses as to why their products don't work than they do trying to solve the problems.  Once they hook you on 'Auto-renew' you are stuck.  This time the product is broken for more people than just me so i need to stop wasting time trying to fix their problems and find someone else with a product that works  No one stays #1 forever and MBAM had lost their edge IMHO!

IMHO, products like MBAM should 'Just Work'. Like what you say.

You can give your opinion with your wallet: You either buy the product and use it 'as-is', or you uninstall it, and stop any payments (if/as soon as possible).
One good reason to stop using a product is when major failures don't get fixed. It probably isn't the right product for your situation.

But if Exchange 365 has its own anti-malware solution, why are you adding a local scan to your toolchain? A proper AV solution (free or paid, see the recent related discussions on this forum) should be able to block anything undesired?

BTW: Does this guide help?

I hate being BRAND specific when complaining but there is is.
-questorfla (May 23, 2015, 03:25 AM)
--- End quote ---
Hm, you are having issues with a specific product, so you can't ask a generic question, way too many possible solutions to even try to give a suggestion.


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