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Eassos Partition Guru Pro--Free or [email protected]~17$


Via Shareware on Sale:

Eassos PartitionGuru Pro (100% discount)
with lifetime upgrades for $17.50

Eassos Partition Guru page:

Seems to have an impressive range of capabilities - also does imaging of partitions (below from a 2013 review).
Also seems to be updated regularly.

Data Recovery
When the operating system deletes a file, it just marks the file “deleted” and make the disk space taken by the deleted file as “free”. Data isn’t gone and still stays on the disk. It is possible to rescue these lost files before they are overwritten.

PartitionGuru can recover deleted files that are emptied from recycle bin deleted by “shift + delete” as well as recover formatted files; besides it can recover lost or formatted partitions and repair partition table.

Backup & restore
A better way to avoid data loss is to backup data. Users should develop such a habit of backing up important data timely. PartitionGuru provides powerful partition backup function which is similar to Ghost’s backup and restore function. PartitionGuru is much more powerful, for it supports incremental backup which increases practicability and convenience. It can back up partition to image file from which the partition can be restored.

Disk & partition management
PartitionGuru makes disk and partition management an easy job. It can create partition, delete partition, format partition, resize and split partition without data loss, assign drive letters, etc. With all these functions, even non-professional users can manage disk and partition excellently. As to functions like convert partition type, convert partition table and manage dynamic disk cater to computer professionals.

Other functions

-operate virtual disk and recover data from it, various virtual disks are supported;
- make bootable USB disk, which is very useful especially when the system can’t boot normally or the operating system crashes;
- construct virtual RAID and recover data from it;
- delete data permanently, so that data can never be recovered by any means;
-detect and repair bad sectors.
- See more at:

Shades has talked very positively about it here on dc:;search=eassos

Does anyone know what the relation is, if any, between Easeus and Eassos? The names and products seem so similar...

^ was wondering that myself - sounds almost like a copycat name.

Download speeds from their site are painfully slow...

Does anyone know what the relation is, if any, between Easeus and Eassos? The names and products seem so similar...
-mouser (July 12, 2015, 10:18 AM)
--- End quote ---
I don't think so, Easeus is a big company (seems to) with a rather wide range of products whereas Eassos seems rather small.  Their products are quite different in design (partition manager). Unfortuntely ToDo Backup which used to be quite usable is now terrible (over 15h to perform an image where other imagers require 1 or 2 hours). I would call this the "Acronis syndrome"...


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