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DONE: Scroll Thru Clipbard Contents When Pasting

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Hi guys.

I have had a program called Ditto installed on my PC 4 over a year at least.
It keeps multiple items in the clipboard.  In theory it sounds very useful but I've found I never use it.

What I do think would work though is this.  A program that adds everything copied as a new item in the clipboard.  When I press Ctrl + V it pastes the most recent data BUT if I keep the Ctrl key depressed & press V again it instead pastes the second most recent item & so on & son...

So when U hold Ctrl you can tap the V key 2 cycle back through the items in your clipboard.  When U get 2 the end it can return 2 the most recent item.  And, if U go past the entry U were looking 4 keep the Ctrl key depressed but tap the B key (since it is next 2 the V key) 2 cycyle throught the clipboard in the opposite direction.

Can it B done?

we are going to do a clipboard tool review soon..
and i look forward to hearing opinions about desired features and stuff.

 :) Here's an ugly script to operate the clipboards almost as described above.

ClipStep - Control multiple clipboards using only the keyboard's Ctrl-X-C-V

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.

Select some text, press Ctrl-C a couple of times to copy it to multiple new clipboards.
Now hold down Ctrl and press V repeatedly to step through the clipboards. C steps backwards.
When you've got the clipboard you want, release Ctrl to paste.
To delete a clipboard, hold down Ctrl, press V followed by X twice to delete, three times to
delete all, or once to cancel. Release Ctrl to accept.

Edit: Swapped the scroll direction, removed two bugs.

Edit: Updated to v1.1: Changed the ordering and naming of the clips, removed the empty Cancel clip, keeps clips visible while scrolling. Also the non text clips now work.

Edit: Updated to v1.2: Removed a few bugs, tweaked some functions.


Hey skrommel!

Thanx 4 that.  It's pretty awesome. :up:

I don't know if U R interested in developing this any further.  If U R can I suggest a couple changes:

1)  Ctrl+Z should scroll through the clipboards in the opposite direction.  U R more likely 2 want recent clips & it is more efficient 2 not have 2 switch 2 the Ctrl+C combination.
2)  Remove the surplus text "Clip 1 of #" from the Ctrl+Z "cancel" option's tooltip.  (So that it is displayed like the Ctrl+X "cancel" option.)
3)  The most recent clip should B "Clip 1"

Either way I will B using it 4 sure.

Thanx again.

Let me se if I understand:

1) You want to press Ctrl-Z directly to paste and scroll in the oposite direction. But don't you want to use Ctl-Z for undo?
2) Please explain.
3) I thought it would be easier to find the clip you wanted if they kept the same name (number) from day to day. By naming the most recent clip "Clip 1", the clips would move around. But what If I swap the scroll direction of Ctrl-V and Ctrl-X?

Please elaborate.

Edit: Updated the original script to swap the scroll direction, and removed two bugs.



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