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A Few Hundred More Retro Games To Enjoy For Free.


A Few Hundred More Retro Games To Enjoy For Free | Gizmo's Freeware
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Submitted by rob.schifreen | Last update on 6th May, 2015 - 9:22am

If the terms "Jet Set Willy" or "Manic Miner" or "Jetpac" are familiar to you, you probably remember a home computer from the 1980s called the Sinclair Spectrum. It was designed and made in Britain, but also popular around the world. Many of its most popular games became classics, and it's now possible to play many of them on your PC via an emulator. You'll need to be using the Chrome browser to try this. Assuming that you are, head to to download the Unreal Speccy Portable add-on, which includes the Spectrum emulator and a load of ready-to-play games. Note that the installer will probably put an icon on your desktop, from which you can launch the emulator. In my own tests, there was no obvious way to start it from within the browser itself.

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I remember seeing advertisements for the high-end Sinclair models in computer magazines back in the day and drooling.  My Timex-Sinclair 1000 with 1KB of memory seemed a toy calculator in comparison (Spectrum ads were where I first saw screenshots of multiplex terminal screens *drool*).  This is going to be fun...

... This is going to be fun...
-Edvard (May 08, 2015, 08:44 PM)
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That's what I thought too.


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