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Rusty's Real Deal Baseball: Most Effed Up Game Ever


An utterly fascinating and entertaining discussion of a strange video game (Rusty's Real Deal Baseball) based on in-game purchases:


Other reviews of the game:


Heh. A couple of thoughts.

First something tells me one of our veterans has seen text versions of this kind of thing way back in the old days, maybe though without the raw dollar spend aspect, but in game currency.

On the sillier side:
"DonationCoder starts out by giving you programs for free. But then by asking, with a very soft timeline, once someone in the CodingSnack section has bailed out your bacon, then you choose to give money. Then because while repeats are welcome, only one donation is "officially encouraged", so that makes the programs all free again for a while!"
--> Mouser Pwns Nintendo by ten years, and besides games it's programs that really help you!
 ;D :D

Interesting how one of the reviews is glowingly positive with hardly a mention of any negative aspects of the game, while the other two indicate the game is disturbing in many ways, not fun in a few, and enjoyable in others.

Here's another take on the game:

James Recommends: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball


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