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I have put a "share with facebook" type thing on the pages (temporarily?)..

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I certainly didn't want to come across as trolling or baiting (Although I don't see how I did?  :huh:)

Reading back on what I wrote, I can see I may have been a little more blunt than I would normally be...however, this is kind of going off-topic now so, I shall hold my hands up and admit I could have probably worded it a lot better than I did (Those who know me know I have been guilty of wording things rather badly several times in the past!!). 


Stephen and I talk and joke on the donationcoder irc chat group all the time and he is always encouraging me to improve the site and he is always a very positive, enthusiastic, energetic voice.  So if anyone took his post as anything but some fun ribbing -- know that it was received with good cheer.  And stephen, don't stop trying to get me to improve the place.  :Thmbsup:

App your design looks pretty good -- and your suggestion about putting it off until we do some other changes is a good one -- especially since I think the move to a cms is in order and that would be a good time to do it.  Right now i'm comfortable with where they are.

Those who are pointing out that the buttons should be converted to purely local js, you are right.  Currently they all use the canonical scripts from facebook, twitter, google+, reddit.  I will try to change them all to be simple local images where the js is purely local and just opens up a window when clicked to access the remote site.  That will be the lightest weight solution with no ability of facebook/tritter/gcrap to do any tracking stuff.

Like many other things, I think Discourse handles this very elegantly. Rather than making you scroll all the way to the bottom or popping up an obtrusive sidebar/bottom-bar, or other thing, it just assumes that linking is something you might want to do for *any* post (original post or a reply to it) and gives you button to do that on every post. It's a variation of the fairly familiar and widely used "chain link" icon which brings up a little box with the URL to that specific post, small buttons to click to share with Twitter, FB, G+, and Email. I assume it's all self-hosted since it's integrated right in.

Here's a screenshot. The red box shows the share options that pop-up, the green box at bottom shows the link you click to get the pop-up (to the left is a Like button, to the right is Bookmark), the blue box above shows how these buttons (including Reply) are faded out until/unless you mouse over the post, in other words the focus is on *reading* rather than interacting/replying, unless you want to. Quite nice IMO.

I have put a "share with facebook" type thing on the pages (temporarily?)..

- Oshyan

these buttons (including Reply) are faded out until/unless you mouse over the post, in other words the focus is on *reading* rather than interacting/replying, unless you want to.
--- End quote ---

Indeed! Discourse really is pretty well thought out. It's not perfect, but it's a lot more well designed and thoughtful than any other system I've seen yet. Others like Burning Board or IPB are basically like souped-up versions of SMF. They have more features, maybe some slicker elements and design, some nice touches like Lightboxes for images say, and some other Javascript fancery. But it's still a pretty traditional approach to forum discussion (for better or worse). Meanwhile systems with built-in forum-like features like Drupal have the advantage of complete integration, but at the expense of features and bloat, and also with a different but still fairly traditional approach, without such thoughtful changes as Discourse exemplifies. Finally, systems with integrated plugins such as Joomla's Kunena or WordPress BBoard are sort of the middleground between those other options, with decent but not ideal integration to their parent systems, generally fairly basic feature sets, and minimal-to-no unique features or ideas, a fairly standard approach aside from the integration.

If DC were anything but a forum-and-discussion-focused site I might recommend some other forum system with tighter integration to a CMS, but since CMS-type content is actually fairly minimal here (and would, IMO, be better handled in a Wiki-like fashion anyway), I feel like Discourse is a really strong option and a good fit...

For the software stuff, depending how serious you get about it, you could either use one of the nicer available Wiki systems (with some plugins or custom coding, as needed), or something like Redmine. Redmine, as you know, has a built-in Wiki system, file hosting, bug tracking, and even version control access. It may be overkill, which is why I'd probably suggest a more straightforward Wiki myself (which really should serve all needs as far as I can see), but Redmine is worth considering if in the DC migration you want to aim higher and give devs more and better tools to manage and maintain their software.

As you can probably guess, I'm anxious to see your post(s) about where you see the future of DC and hopefully including some thoughts on these kinds of specific systems and recommendations. If not Discourse, why not? If not a Wiki, why not?

- Oshyan


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