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Scary Windows error: Failure to log in to profile, loading of temp profile

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wasn't happening with the admin profile/login.
-mouser (June 08, 2015, 01:13 PM)
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But a little different than the admin profile- can you create a new user with it's new resulting profile?

One reason I ask is for troubleshooting, the other because you can copy parts of the user profile over the problematic one and recover it that way.

I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of bad sectors on your hard disk just yet. This error can also appear when (parts of) the registry aren't loaded on time.

CHKDSK may report that there are no errors, but I have learned that the outcome of running the CHKDSK command isn't that helpful.
Yes, it will mark bad sectors as bad sectors and use sectors that are intended as replacement. However, I got the feeling that it doesn't verify if the replacement sectors are any good.

In my case I had a hd with 6 partitions and the same error kept happening on that system. That got irritating pretty quick and Windows/CHKDSK kept telling me that all was fine with the HD. Common sense kicked in, so I shrunk the second partition so much that I had enough room to clone the first partition into the free space that was available.

After cloning I marked the clone as active and removed the drive letter from the previous first partition. In essence I disabled the first 10GByte of storage space on the HD.

In 3 years time this error didn't appear anymore and that database server still runs like new. CHKDSK and Windows may tell you everything is fine, but if this error keeps returning, use the trick above or use proper tools to investigate the state of your HD. Preferably with software such as MHDD that uses a cd/dvd/pen drive to boot.

Windows and CHKDSK are way too forgiving if you would ask me (and I know you didn't).

can you create a new user with it's new resulting profile?
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i'll try.

Just fyi -- my solution was to restore to a recent full drive backup.


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