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Recommendations for a free image viewer with strong editing features

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I use PhotoFiltre7, for most of the features you have mentioned apart from IrfanView.

PhotoFiltre7 is freeware and may fulfill your need.



I use Irfan View for quick view of images, which also does some mild editing for me.
But to make some editing, i use Fast Stone Image Viewer, it can also be made portable, settings can be
backed up.
It does most if not all the functions u mentioned.

Maybe forget about having a super editing viewer! In some viewers you simply click a keyboard hotkey and the picture will open in 1 of 3 of your genuine editors! In my setup Shift+1 will open app1 which I use only for cropping. Shift+2 will open another app for painting, and Shift+3 will open my super editor.

This procedure is faster than searching for one or the other editing programs, because IrfanView also has a keyboard hotkey of its own: Ctrl+Shit+i.

Sadly, IrfanView itself and most of the plugins are not "Unicode". I am not all happy recommending IrfanView!  :-[


# 5 - fast image browsing - or more specifically, fast thumbnail loading - can be extremely important if you're browsing large folders, or also displaying content from sub-folders.
My favourite from that POV is ExifPro, but note:
browsing folders is not particularly user-friendly (wont show tree view above current folder)
costs ~ $20

I would ideally want a viewer to be tied into my file-manager - but none of the file-managers have done what it takes to make a decent basic image-viewer (I'm talking about an image-viewer as a separate window showing images, from which you can easily open the image you're viewing in an external editor and/or copy the path of the image).

I cant comment about image organisers (I do own one, but havent used it enough to comment on it - there is an image orgnaizer thread here on dc, if you do a search you may find some helpful info - I have some more comments about ExifPro there).

thumbnail viewing - two sizes, very fast image opening: Linux Fatdog64_700 portable live DVD free
most of the requested features: Gimp included in Fatdog (above) and many other free linux distributions
most of the requested features: Krita (Gimp on steroids) several sources for free, live DVDs. My favorite is KaOS_14.11
for inserting/editing shapes and text I often use Karbon (free) and save to .png before opening as a layer in Gimp


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