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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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Hi mnemonic! -- brotherS is right -- it makes me happy to hear the coding challenges helped motivate you!

Hello old friends, and Happy Anniversary!

I still visit this fine forum once in a while, but I unfortunately don't have the time that I once had to test and post about software.

Still I hope to have something worthwhile to post at some point in the future.

Best Regards to Mouser and friends!  :)

That long, huh? :)
Hello, everyone! Still alive, just life bitchin' me...
-joby_toss (March 07, 2015, 12:58 AM)
--- End quote ---
Joby!  I didn't know you were here!  
Joby_Toss and I are beta testers for FreeCommanderXE.

Mouser - I wasn't in the list!  :P  And I get all the rss feeds.

Didn't make the list, but its been a long time. When DC started (and I was very excited about FARR... still one of the first programs I load on a fresh OS install, though I am no power-user of it), I was very into tweaking my computer... now, I've gotten 10 years older and just want it to work so I can! But I still checkin every now and then. This thread has been interesting... lots of names from yesteryear!

Hi everyone! I haven't participated much in years because I've been off doing other things. Too much internet, too little sunshine. Among other things, I've friended many top performance photographers around the world and started G+'s first ballet community, Ballet Every Day. I even had nude ballet photos for a while until Google (and facebook) shot that down -- you know, any American social site can't handle a phucking nipple or slit! I don't know jack about photography, except that if I were a photographer I'd be raiding the local ballet company for photos, since you can tell a ballerina to do anything, and she can actually do it, unlike professional models.

Still using Linux (openSUSE), Android, Chromebook, but am delighted to see what Satya Nadella has done so far with Microsoft. Nadella seems also to have halted Microsoft's relentless patent-trolling, letting Apple take that lead, for, after all, Steve Job did invent hydrogen, helium, and nitrogen, and therefore everything in the goddamned universe is owned by Apple. Hope you guys are doing well; I'll be in and out.


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