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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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I've always been here. My regrets are only that I couldn't do more to help mouser, because I believe his heart is purer than most, and that I made mistakes that alienated us.

I think mouser+Bitsum could do a lot together. I just wish I knew a way to make it work. I would guess mouser also has a full time job these days? Not me, I struggle by with what I can. I tried a 'stable job', turns out most corporations are crazier than anyone you'll meet in any asylum ;p.

Life's too short and it takes too much energy to maintain grudges -- i'm glad to see you post  8)

Answering some questions:

* SSL should work on all pages here -- i'll have to look into why it wasn't allowed on that page -- surely if it should work on any page, that would be one you would expect it to work on!
* Server costs are still through the roof -- but changing servers is such a hassle though, and when the servers run smoothly i'm loathe to change anything..
* I don't have a full time outside job -- but i spend much of my time on side freelance paid work to pay the bills.  DC helps, but not enough to pay bills.  It certainly helps that i have no family or retirement fund -- just trying to live month by month.  I won't say it's not a bit nerve-wracking, but then i shouldn't complain because it gives me time to think and choose my own hours, which i value more than almost anything.
* Regarding businesses, suits, and money -- I'll be honest -- nothing about money and companies makes any sense to me -- it all seems completely insane; I don't understand how any company makes enough to survive -- let alone these corporations making billions.  It all just seems like one big pyramid scheme scam to me.  I try not to think about it or try to figure it out, it just gives me a headache.
Anyway this is a happy thread so let's not get bogged down into problems -- this is the reunion where we all hug it out  :-*

Amen. Especially when there is real evil out there ... even here in the USA. I mean, really - any differences we had, which I'l take the blame for, are pretty petty.

Refreshed the page and got your answers.

Also noticed that the primary login didn't seem SSL encrypted by default either! DIdn't check if I could manually do it, it should have default.

Maybe we can work something out in the future, a business arrangement that requires us to neither agree nor be friends, just produce, do the customer right, and earn a living at the same time. Who knows. I'll brainstorm.

Server costs are still through the roof -- but changing servers is such a hassle though, and when the servers run smoothly i'm loathe to change anything..-mouser
--- End quote ---

On this, you gotta bite the bullet man. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent refactoring my server infastructure just to save costs or improve security. Sometimes I've taken a hit for it, but that's business.

If you're locked in, add up half the savings from one year, and I bet you could hire someone to 'unlock' you ;).

Just don't go too cheap, no 'shared cloud server' crap :)


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