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10th Anniversary - long time member check-in thread

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It is great to hear from you! :)

I'm afraid that with the birth of kids, my free time dwindled drastically :( I have the warmest feelings to this forum, the apps, and to all the wonderful users and of course mouser. Stay as awesome as you are and keep going!

vitalyb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-* :-* :-*
So wonderful to hear from you.  :Thmbsup:
Birth of kids -- exciting!!

Come on folks share some photos!

Hello all, I apologise for my long absence. I have been quite occupied in the last 4 years. I've completed a masters degree, climbed Kilimanjaro and joined a not for profit. I still search the DC forum for software ideas. I've stopped using many of the admittedly excellent DC programs, mostly because Microsoft seems to have come to their senses and included these features by default in Windows.

The most common one was a keyboard launch program like FARR. Those on Windows 7 and 8 will notice that the windows key mostly does the same thing now, although FARR is admittedly way more feature rich. I can't thank mouser and the other developers enough for making Windows a more usable and productive OS while Microsoft were busy pulling their thumbs out.

On the online front, I've mostly become a lurker, but I do post on Quora. Mouser, congrats on the 10th anniversary of DC!

sri, glad to see another DC member in Australia. I'm in Melbourne and I wonder if we could do a DC meetup down here?

Hi icekin!
Congratulations on your masters and on mastering the mountain!

Yo mouser and all,

Life is busy; I have moved over to scientific Python development and tech support. Cross-platform, though mostly working on Mac. I still get warm fuzzies when I see a DC newsletter.

Still full of appreciation and admiration for this quirky, skilled, generous community and its q,s,g founder.


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