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Super Annoying Freezing Mouse (and Keyboard) - can ANYONE help, PLEASE!?

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MilesAhead: is very possible there was corruption in that driver (i.e. it was running for President.) ...
-Steven Avery (July 22, 2016, 12:33 AM)
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Very droll, but arguably not unnecessarily unkind towards politicos...
-IainB (July 22, 2016, 05:44 AM)
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It trumps any pun I was considering I must say.  :)

Instead of corrupt, I would say deluded. My too Pence on the matter...  ;)

Steven Avery:
Returning to mice, rather than political rodents, I do want to mention that if you have multiple mice around, try them all (with or without deleting drivers) maybe even before buying the new one.  I just made a change from one Dell to another and this one works nicely, the one before .. feh.

Here is the simple test.  Make sure you can can easily truncate a url, e.g. in the browser bar, without jerking and without difficulty.  Generally, if you can do that, your mouse is happy (although it could still be a jerky).  Often, when these problems arise, a mouse "works" but has a problem doing that, it wants to highlight the whole thing and is tuff to get to the exact spot.


Steven Avery:
After that mouse was running fine, try to load Alfa eBooks Manager and an immediate freeze.  No data in the program, just trial.  Think it happened before.  Maybe can replicate.  Not now. Zzzz


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