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Super Annoying Freezing Mouse (and Keyboard) - can ANYONE help, PLEASE!?

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Steven Avery:

I am currently having this problem with my main puter, Windows 7 Pro.  Currently I am trying the delete mouse driver, which was Logitech at the moment.  Wondering if you have to leave the USB section alone?  Have various mice and USB ports but one of the frustrating things is watching a proper install bubble come up but the mouse not working despite the recognition of an install of a driver. 

I had many years of activity before this hit.  In a pinch, I would restore an early image but that is not something I really want to do,
Ghostbuster has a gazillion ghosts, so maybe I will do a quick image and then give that a try. Never knew about it.  At the moment I am running good after one Logitech deletion from the Device Manager, but I have no idea if this will last.


I have had several cabled Logitech mouses which, after 5-6 years use, did exactly the same. In all of my cases it was the mouse itself that was causing the problem. One of them I could extend the life with a year or so, by changing the complete cable between mouse and PC. Still, the chips in the mouse need to do their work fast and continuously for giving the user a "smooth" movement on the computer screen.

It is my suspicion that Logitech doesn't use chips that are able to do both that long. Nowadays I just go and buy a new (Logitech) mouse after 5 years, no matter if it still works or not.

Steven Avery:

While I did a couple of things, one thing is clear.  After I deleted the Logitech mouse in the Device Driver, it rebuilt and I had no additional problem.  So it is very possible there was corruption in that driver (i.e. it was running for President.)


IainB: is very possible there was corruption in that driver (i.e. it was running for President.) ...
-Steven Avery (July 22, 2016, 12:33 AM)
--- End quote ---
Very droll, but arguably not unnecessarily unkind towards politicos...

If you say what this occurs after a Windows Update... Are you try to re-install Windows?
I know what is a radical solution but this kind of problems are so difficult of track what you gain some time only re-installing the whole OS.

If you dont want to loose your current Windows setting, you could try remove the HD, get another (old or borrowed...) and install Windows from zero.
First thing to do after that is DISABLE AUTOMATIC UPDATES.
If after that the problem persist is a hardware problem, surely the mobo. If the problem is gone sadly you have to re-install the OS from zero in your main HD and disable automatic updates.


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