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Conditional diary

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With freemind is like a decision tree while the time is running...

But freemind don't manage time really.

As usual perhaps I am not doing the right question (do you remember the movie with Will Smith ( I robot ) when the doctor says : that's the right question... ?).  :-\
Perhaps the CRM software is the most powerful way to establish tasks....

I have CRM Goldmine 5.5 but i don't see the option.
This type of software follows a standard. Many CRM uses the same conventions....

So ....

I observ many differents types of tasks in goldmine

I will comment if i find the option.

Must be there.....


I thinks i have at least two options :

Activity codes in alert designs

Groups of activities in the goldmine project manager


This is a curious software :

Even seems free at the present moment.

This is a curious software : (February 22, 2015, 11:25 AM)
--- End quote ---

does looks interesting, but not free - €20 / $25
Also, if you want it to rate e.g. car prices - you have to (1) add in the price per car, and then (2) manually add rating for price for each car - I would have expected it to be able to figure out the rating by comparing the prices...


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