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WhenLast (Android app) - v2.20 Beta - Aug 20, 2018

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Thanks, mouser.  Even though I was already enrolled as a beta tester, I clicked on the Become a Tester button and got a screen telling me I am now a tester.  It also said that if I already have the WL app installed (which, of course, I do), I'll get an update with the testing version shortly.  It hasn't happened yet, but I just did all this a couple of minutes ago.   We'll see.  I'll report back.

OK, got the notification from Play Store and have now installed the beta update.  Many thanks!


some new features include the ability to set a custom title for your widgets (or remove title completely), some optimizations that should speed up synchronization and better error handling for that, lots of little bugfixes.  new menu items for deleting/resetting all entries in current section.  new option to enable a "ViewAll" button that lets you quickly toggle hidden items on and off along with the edit buttons, and an indicator to show when you are looking at a hidden item.

I've finally accepted that WhenLast (and my other android apps) look terrible and are basically unusable on a small portrait oriented phone.  I will now try to fix.

The new beta uploaded to play store (v1.97) now should display much better on small screens.


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