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WhenLast (Android app) - v2.20 Beta - Aug 20, 2018

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Version 1.96 beta - Sep 26, 2015 - link added to first post.
Will be on Google Play Store soon.

Mouser, I downloaded the .apk and tried to install it as an update to my current wonderful When Last.  However, though I was told that my existing data will not be lost, it went on to ask whether the updated app will get access to New or All.  I'm supposed to choose, but I've got no idea what that means.  It was set by default on New, but that seemed to suggest that the app wouldn't have access to everything on the app, just new stuff.  The instructions thus seem contradictory, at least to my feeble brain.

im not sure what that is all about but im guessing the problem is all because you installed the real copy through the official play store and this is an unofficial beta.  let me upload this to the play store and then youll be able to upgrade seamlessly.

Thanks, mouser!  I think you've probably identified the source of the problem.  I'll just wait until the new version is in the Play Store.

Can you see if this works for you, beta tester access for whenlast:


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