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WhenLast (Android app) - v2.20 Beta - Aug 20, 2018

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"WhenLast" is a simple app that helps you keep track of the last time you performed some activity (like changed the batteries on your smoke detectors).

* Download the most recent stable version at the Google Play store here:
* Or contact me to be added to the beta testing list for early access to alpha/beta versions.
* Or download unofficial latest apk from:

Features include:

* The ability to sync data across multiple devices.
* Timed reminders and overdue notifications.
* Configurable homescreen widgets.

Version 2.20 beta - Aug 20, 2018

* Font scaling option
* Improved view menus
* Better font layouts
Version 2.14 beta - Dec 31, 2016

* New Feature: Search function
Version 2.12 beta - Dec 8, 2016

* Feature: Lastitem widget now has option to display item and date on separate lines.
* BugFix: ALL Section was not always being displayed when it should be.
* Improvement: Widget timer update improvements (and new option)
* BugFix: Long-click drag-and-drop was not working on some items (thanks ewemoa!)
* Improvement: Notices (reminders, etc., shown on bottom of window) are now persistant until acknowledged.
* Bugfixes: fixed some import bugs (thanks ewemoa!)
* Fixed timer bugs, especially effecting the case where user has multiple widgets from same app.
* Improvement: Widgets now default to ALL category if visible, or fallback to a sensible one.
* Improvement: Widgets now have options for showing hidden items, empty sections, etc.
* Improvement: Widgets now have independent option for sortmode.
* Bugfixes: Lots of miscelaneous bugfixes.
* Improvement: If current section becomes empty and should be hidden, it was being left onscreen after a chance in view options.
Version 2.01 beta - Sep 30, 2016

* NewFeature: You can now sort on various fields.
* Improvement: New view submenu (no more ViewAll button)
* Miscelaneous fixes
Version 1.96 beta - Sep 26, 2016

* Tons of improvements, list coming soon.

Version 1.82 - Feb 10, 2015

* Manual sync working well
* Thanks to DC members cyberdiva and cranioscopical for all the help testing!
Version 1.71beta - Feb 9, 2015

* Another manual sync bugfix try (manual sync is harder than one would think)
Version 1.56 - Feb 8, 2015

* More autosync options (disable on battery power, disable on non-wifi connection)
* Sync bugfixes

WhenLast (Android app) - v2.20 Beta - Aug 20, 2018
WhenLast (Android app) - v2.20 Beta - Aug 20, 2018

WhenLast was originally created for the NANY 2015 Event -- you can see the original post about it here:

New beta version uploaded (v1.51) with the ability to enable or disable autosync, plus better and more efficient auto-saving of changes (when in autosync mode, all changes will be automatically saved after a few second delay).
I'd appreciate any testing of these two modes -- I'd like to upload a production version this weekend but with all the rapid changes to these two modes, i would not be surprised if there are some issues to resolve.

Some notes on autosync vs non-autosync modes:

* When autosync checkbox is enabled, changes to your data file are automatically pushed out to dropbox soon after you make them (not immediately so that if you make multiple changes it wont try to push many times); and dropbox api monitors remote changes so they are detected quickly.
* When autosync checkbox is not enabled, nothing will be pushed to dropbox, and no remote dropbox scanning will occur until you use the "Scan Now" menu item.  Only then will changes be pushed and pulled.  One consequence of this *may* be that changes on a remote device might be "discovered" on your first check, but that you will get a message that a download is in progress, and to rescan later.  As of now, this means you have to manually scan again in a few seconds/minutes; I will probably automate that later, but right now i'm erring on the side of leaving things manual in this mode.
* In a future version I might make it possible to switch between auto and manual sync mode based on battery life and/or network connection type (wifi vs cellular).
* Even in autosync mode, if the app is minimized, it will NOT check for sync updates. In general the app tries to use as little resources as possible when not being actively used, shutting off timers, etc.
* Widgets will not be auto-updated with sync changes if the main app is not running; they will update only when main app gets a sync update.  I may try to fix this in the future.

Version 1.82 - Feb 10, 2015

* Manual sync working well
* Thanks to DC members cyberdiva and cranioscopical for all the help testing!

A landmark day, 25 users  ;D

WhenLast (Android app) - v2.20 Beta - Aug 20, 2018

Great idea starting to play with Android Apps. Would you think about making a emergency app that is capable of GPS location as well as sending a sms to either a person or people of your choice. I live on heavy duty opiate based pain killers and have to wear a emergency bracelet in case my back gives out and I hit the deck, then can't get to the phone. It's great for around the house, but as soon as I go outside or travel, the bracelet becomes useless. I have found three Android apps that will let one contact emergency services if needed, but they aren't capable of contacting family members or friends to either come and help, or simply let them know where I am located and what condition I'm in. One free, the other two are to be paid for. So if someone would be kind enough to create an Android App as described above, I and many others would be extremely grateful. I am thinking someone's going to argue, but wouldn't it be best to simply contact emergency services first, then think about contacting family and friends second. Which is fair enough. But there are times when things go wrong, but not bad enough to go calling those services. Anyway, just an idea. Thanks.


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