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Would appreciate some feedback on my new logos

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Liking '23Q1Rie.jpg?1' best....but 'bVjWMrJ.jpg?1' is better, because it will translate/convert best to a uniform 'house style'. You know, no change of style between logo, favicon, icon is better for brand recognition.

My :two:

Tank you everyone for your feedback :)
I agree with you there Shades and bVjWMrJ.jpg?1 is my favourite but as someone pointed out to me, the logos are far too complex and has too many colours so I'm going back to the drawing board to see if I can come up with something simpler and more memorable. However when I've got something I like I'll post it here again as I'd love to get your valuable feedback :)

Since you're retooling your logo, a suggestion?

There is one school of wisdom (mine) which argues: "If a logo truly 'works' - it works as well in B&W as it does in color."

That's important because you want your brand mark to be readily identifiable no matter where it shows up. Not every publication or platform uses color - and color reproduction adds significantly to cost once you exit the web and enter the physical world.

While it may not seem that important now, what about in the future when you're (hopefully) the acknowledged go-to guy for all things game? What will you do for t-shirts, visor caps, and related swag when you do a keynote or sit on a panel at a gamer's convention? Or you need to emboss your logo on some hopefully "collectible" plastic trinket, doo-dad, or similar giveaway? Or to put it on something you want to sell on your website? If you need color to make your logo immediately identifiable, it will jack up your costs and selling prices.

So don't just think logo. Think identity.

Think of your logo in terms of how it looks on the web. On paper. On a t-shirt or mug. On the banner over your booth at a GameCon. In color and B&W. It takes time to establish a "look" and get people to immediately associate it with you. And switching horses later in the game can be costly, or in some cases, simply not doable. (There's probably a thousand successful businesses that absolutely hate their logo and corporate identity. But will they change it for any reason other than the most dire necessity? Not if they have an ounce of brains in their heads.)

So think it through now if at all possible. Because while you may be thinking "It's just for my personal website." - you never know when unexpected success may pounce upon you. Or you're forced to try to make a go of it professionally. In this volatile employment environment, "job-loss opportunities" aren't that uncommon. Many people, of necessity, started their own business or transformed a former hobby activity into one, after they unexpectedly found themselves out of a job. Cinderella stories do still happen. So prepare and position yourself for it "just in case."

Just my :two: :Thmbsup:

 8) ;)

Thanks again for the extremely helpful advice 40hz. I'll be sure to make sure the logo looks good in black and white before I give it some colour and I definitely want to get this logo correct now rather than later which is why I'm trying to get as much feedback as possible :)


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