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stickies Notezilla memoboard as full-blown personal note system

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Steven Avery:
On the desktop groups, both Notezilla and PNote allow you to right-click the system tray and do a show-hide.

With Notezilla it is the (one) Desktop that is shown and hidden.  Whatever notes are currently marked as Desktop. (They can be anywhere in the folder system.)
With PNote, with an extra click or two, you can show a Group of notes, or Tags  (also Last Modified). PNote has a fine implementation there.

What Notezilla could do is allow a Memoboard to be brought to the Desktop with Show/Hide.  There is not a necessity to add Groups and Tags to have a similar functionality since the folder / memoboard element is comparable to Groups / Tags (PNote also has folders and sub-folders, but since the Control Panel does not show the notes themselves it is less functional.)  Similar with those starred favorites.



Hello Steven,

I don't understand the saving issues that you are having. Can you send me an email about what exactly you are facing, regarding data saving and data loss?


Steven Avery:
Just to clarify. The backup problem is not a problem now, I am getting daily backups, of the same file.  (Although I do think we should have a backup-on-demand alternative, I think that was removed from the recent version, we discussed some elements of this before.)  The couple of days that were missing are not an issue.


The Windows time date of the file is not moving forward. It is just as if the file was acting as read-only.  My changes do not take. The file was brought over by Teamviewer from another computer where it was working fine.  In fact, I don't think any of my changes after that took.

Looking at properties in Total Commander and I see only archive checked, which looks normal, not read-only.  Interestingly, in one case the Date Accessed was updated, but not Modified or Created.  I could try importing the file again from the puter 800 miles away.  I didn't do that partly because I was concerned it would work and we would never find the root of the problem. :) 

I would be happy to send you the file. Or show you in a Teamviewer or Skype viewing type of session. At the moment I am relaxed about it, and happy that it helped me to research more deeply the differences between sticky programs (and especially how much superior is your stick-to-windows feature and the recommendation I made you that would make multi-virtual-Notezilla-desktops easier to accomplish.)  It is a bit of a :) comparing Notezilla with PNote.

I'll send you a note by email in a few minutes.


Steven Avery:
[email protected]  email has a vacation auto-responder. I was saying the same as above.

I recopied the file over, it looks fine, taking updates.  Minor hassle, made me research and think a bit more. I kept the old file and could check it out sometime to see if it really, really has some glitch that prevents modifications.


Consider that one spot where PNotes shines, the ability to have multiple easy-access desktops of sticky notes.  e.g. One might be shopping, one might be biz, one might be today, etc. each one doing the real estate nicely on the desktop and switchable with a couple of clicks.  They accomplish it with Groups or Tags. The tags are especially flexible because one note can be in multiple tags. It is a nice feature, but not one that I would say that Notezilla needs.

You would accomplish the same basic idea if you could Show/Hide a Memoboard to the Desktop.  I would say that is easily the #1 improvement I would recommend. While you do have the advantage of being able to work within the notes browser itself (lacking in PNote) it never really has the space niceness of working on the full Desktop. Keep in mind that, in addition to sticking to windows, this multi-note kanban style aspect of stickies is one big, big advantage over Evernote et al. The ability to have 3 or 10 or more "virtual note desktops" is really where stickies are always going to gain a lot of fans, on top of window sticking (where you are easily the best, afaik, and that alone is sufficient to buy and use the program, imho.)   If you made a nice video showing how this works, the multi-desktops, the fans will come and follow.

btw, even when using Evernote, I try to have it set up so that two or three notes can be paneled while in use.  However, nothing is really able to be saved.  I would say that the Evernote shortcut feature is one you might want to consider emulating. You both have good searches, but shortcuts right on top of your page are really nice.


Steven Avery:
Notezilla does have tags, they simply do not seem to be as much utilized within the system.

Here is a feature I really like in PNote .. the "On Top" toggle for any note.  Not sure how to replicate that in Notezilla.

Ok, it may be similar in Notezilla.  And in Notezilla it does not seem to be a toggle. Easy enough to place a note on Top, with a rightclick on top. Not sure how to say "no mas" on top, there is a Hide option but then you are not longer anywhere to be found except in the browser, if you remember where to look.  (I usually keep part of my Notezilla notes on a reserved clear space set aside by MaxMax on the right. )

Notezilla links to files and folders, a nice feature I have not used. 
PNote has a way to link notes together, which at times might be redundant to a Group, but may have some good applications.

I'm actually reaching the point that I want to use both programs, plus Evernote.

PNote is handled for my multiple "Desktops" .. right now I only have one.. it has about seven notes, different colours and placed nicely.  Do to the show/hide groups and tags functionality it would be easy to have multiple.

Notezilla is used for all my pop-up notes, which is a major functionality as well. Part of this is the ability to have mulitple calling windows for one note.

Evernote is used for the permanent placement and tweaking of notes. 

I am quite happy, so far, with the three layer note-cake.



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