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stickies Notezilla memoboard as full-blown personal note system

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Steven Avery:
Here is another, a major improvement:

Stick to Window -- > "Stick Note to Windows selected below:"

ADD to that as one new Window line the current url, allowing it to be shortened, as with the window names.
And check the url match, as well as the window API for a "hit".

Many times you are on a page and want a sticky to stick and the page has a generic name like "Order - Mozilla Firefox" instead of "Amazon".  By allowing "" to be part of the url hit that page will be up on all Amazon pages.

Some stickies have worked with url, some with Windows, by having both you will be well-covered.

Steven Avery


Hello Steven,

Thanks for the suggestion. But Notezilla cannot get the url from the browser. However, we are planning to write some extensions for the browsers so that this is possible.

By they way I tried to contact you several ways (via your pure**** email address) and also sent you private message. Please reply to that earliest.

Gautam Jain

Sorry to be late to the party....but couldn't a kanban system be (mis-)used for your purposes?

Steven Avery:
Shade, my biz group is recently working with one online, Kanbanchi. I think they are good for visual collaboration, my sense so far is that they are not as excellent for a full blown note replacement. Remember, I am using Notezilla as, more or less, a replacement for most of the things for which I would normally use Rightnote, Keynote, Treeprojects, etc. It is true that the Kanban joins Notezilla in addressing one of their lacks (non-column orientation) so in that sense it should be looked at.  Plus, any time Rightnote, etc. have a solid column orientation, I would look at it again.  Anyway, Shade, I will look at Kanbanchi and any others with that idea in mind, could they really become a full-blown note system?  (Possibly by using urls to your shared Google Docs, possibly if they have decent native editing.) They would have to have the tree indexing, the fine RTF, take pictures in natively, good search, etc.  The colorful aspect and quick use of Notezilla is one reason it is so pleasant to use.  Plus, the stick to windows would generally be missing in a Kanban, and that is key to how I use Notezilla. Hmmm...

Gautam, I will write you this AM, I was travelling for about a month in Tucson/OroValley and Asheville areas, (now back in Dutchess County, NY) so this type of stuff was low on the priority thing for a bit. Yes, the Firefox (especially) add-on, Chrome #2, would be very nice, all browsers helpful, it would shore up one area, window and page definition, taking it from very good to great.  It is hard to overestimate how helpful it is to have a page come up when you open a program or web page.   Your notes about something then have placement, yet they can still be found in the hierarchal tree or simply by search (which could be improved a smidgen).  This 3-layer cake of finding and using notes is what really makes Notezilla, on top of the color-comfort-RTF-friendliness.

Here is another question.  Any combination of "snap to grid" that lines up in columns?  And/or preformats that are already lined up (e.g. in 3 columns) would be good.  Granted, I can see that because of the screen variableness, this may be more work than help.  Notice that this is, more-or-less, a Kanban feature brought over to Notezilla!

There is one additional area that Kanban is interesting, what you might call the "note, or document, behind the note".  Would this be a feature in Notezilla?  Inquiring minds...  Similarly, any sort of mini-table feature might be interesting (think Rightnote) however that is getting into a whole nother realm, maybe tearing the envelope.  The idea of a note behind the note, however, should be considered. True, the minimizing of a note is the current way of saving space, I may have more thoughts on this after more Kanban usage.

I think the biggest problem with Notezilla is getting people to realize its potential. Normally sticky note concepts are simply a minor aid, and I am talking about a full stretch of the envelope.  However, it works!


If monthly recurring fees aren't a problem, you could also consider using a system as Jira.

Although it is intended to be a software issue ticket system, you can use it for a lot of different purposes too. You can create projects in Jira, each with their own workflow if you want, works fine in a browser and there are open source/commercial additions that make it really easy to use on a computer/tablet/phablet. Dragging and dropping notes into it is no problem. User access/authorization is very extensive (if you want it to be), workflows too (if you so desire). Searching through issues, notes, comments, descriptions, labels, user(s), user groups etc. is easy. And you can store search queries into filters. User audit trails are covered too.
For a relatively small monthly fee (for small companies) you don't even have to run the Jira server yourselves and you have access to a "well-stocked" store to add whatever functionality you are missing. Even has it own API's to easily add/remove things in automated ways.

The only downside I see with Jira is your RTF requirement. Jira does work work with Markup, but I am not sure about RTF. Perhaps you can find that in their store.

I am familiar with their issue tracker, but they have more collaboration products and if these are in the same quality league as their issue tracker, than you should definitely consider the products of this company.


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