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stickies Notezilla memoboard as full-blown personal note system

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Steven Avery:

Yes, I actually accessed the old notes in that type of way, from an earlier backup.  The backup, however does not have a lot of recent tweaking.

However there are now good notes on both data files that want to be rejoined. ** Probably has to be done by hand.** Maybe using an intermediary word document program, and then going from one file to the other.  If you know of any other way, please let me know. Granted, there may not be enough purpose for this type of techie request, and there is no sky falling down.


btw, I also had a question on the Internet keeping of the notes. (So that they can be accessed on my ipad, I tried it for a week or two and found it "ok", not great but reasonable.) I thought I had paid for a year, until 2/2016 by Paypal (sent you a note privately on this)  but then it expired quickly, and I wrote you an email. Did not see a response.  I let it go since I am happy with the usb sneakernet method, even though it leaves the ipad out of the loop. 

Can you help me unravel those questions? I have been on the road a month so my communication has been spotty, we can use the Donationcoder message method.  I know you try hard to take care of everything well.


From daily usage it would be very good if you instituted the enhancement to have the search show the full "path".  That is the biggest encumbrance to full usage as a note system.  You "find" what you are looking for but then have to do a lot of searching to really find exactly where it is.




Thanks Steven. I have taken note of your showing "full path" request when searching notes in Notezilla.

Regarding your subscription, I have sent you a separate email.

Steven Avery:
Enhancement note: Another one that is sort of minor but would be nice is to include the titles in the searches. 


Notezilla already searches inside titles when you choose "Look In: Content". Do you want a "Title Only" option?

Steven Avery:
Yep, all fine.  Maybe it was added, I remember it used to be missing.  Anyway, thanks.  Title only is not needed.


Here is a new request, that came out of my problem.  Two instances of Notezilla running at the same time on different data files.  This could be by a command line parameter.  This would be a great tool for selective merge.


I remember, one Stickie program was strong on sending a note to another user by the net.  Is this an area where a future release of Notezilla might enhance?  If I could send a note or board to another user, that would be really neat.  (i could also accomplish my selective merge request, but dual opens is the best for that.)


Right now, I could create an extracted dup. (E.g. For the other people in my company) by making a current backup, deleting my personal leaving the company related boards, saving that to a special name, and then restoring my backup and sending special name over to co-workers puter.  Then they rename back. In fact, I may do that today.



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