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stickies Notezilla memoboard as full-blown personal note system

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Steven Avery:
The author Logan had made a point here:

OrangeNote – A Smart Note Taker & Clipboard Manager

Feb, 2010
"gave up on the .NET framework because of too many problems with it (performance, memory issues, and just overall limitations and annoyances)."

They said that:

"Update: The developer sent us an email requesting us to put up a small comment saying that the app is again being actively developed. He has also released an upgrade. Check it out"

And that was the April, 2010 update.

I did not see and RTF editor referenced, so I passed for my use.  Also it did not really seem to have a memoboard that was functional like Notezilla.


Indeed OrangeNote seems to be a a limbo at best since nothing's changed in years.


Stephen, could you describe what you mean by "memo board"? I'm not quite getting it.

Also, have you tried PNotes, 7 Sticky Notes, GloboNote?  In what specific ways is Notezilla meeting your needs that they don't?

From playing around with OrangeNote and PNotes and Notezilla, I'm starting to wonder if one of these apps might be a better place for my simple notes, instead of OneNote (which I'm using now) or CintaNotes (which I'm considering). I really like the visualness of them and the ability to move individual notes around easily.

Strong search and filter abilities would really entice me a lot, which is why I'm intrigued by OrangeNote. So far I've put about 300 test notes in it and it seems to have a pretty fast indexed search. No real filtering as far as I can tell though. But then none of the others have an super-easy filter either. In the case of desktop sticky notes, to me a filter would be a search box on the task bar where one could type something in and notes that meet the criteria (e.g. have the text in them) would show up, everything else would be temporarily hidden.

Steven Avery:
First, the searching.
Notezilla is pretty good on the searching.  
A note browser "answer" comes up to the search, and then you can look at one at a time. Es suficiente, since a lot of Notezilla as a full-blown note systems is based on the tree hierarchy.  

Here is the results of a search for "Donationcoder" on my current Notezilla "NotesBrowser".  
The one note that is showing is the first row, but I can quickly see the 2nd, 3rd row etc.
(My major desired enhancement here is that the "Memoboard" column should have the option to show the whole path to the specific memoboard.  Also I think the titles are not in the search.)

Note that the fact that each individual note can selectively be placed to pop up on webpages is a nice part of the integration ("Windows" on the columns). I am using that aspect more than more.

Next I will show you a new memoboard (page) in action. One that I am just setting up, active notes on Donationcoder threads -- "Donationcoder Discussions".

Steven Avery:
 This reminds me that I should learn some of the tricks for posting pics.
 Anyway, here is the new memoboard page.
 Any Notezilla competitor has to be able to give a similar clear visual representation of an "issue".
 OneNote can allow rectangles to hold each note, but my quick check was not too happy with the visual nature of the result.


Ah. Thank you for those screenshots.  I do like the idea of having hierarchical grouping of notes, Notezilla seems to be well-suited for this.


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