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A Complete TCP Server/Client Communication and RMI Framework in C# .NET



In this article, I will explain the implementation of an Open Source lightweight framework (named Simple Client Server Library (SCS)) that is developed to create client/server applications using a simple Remote Method Invocation mechanism over TCP/IP. It is a highly scalable and robust framework that is entirely developed in C# and .NET Framework 4.0 (You can take a look at the performance of the SCS framework section of this article).

This is the second article about SCS and explains how I implemented it. To learn what SCS is and how to use it, please see the first article at the link below. There are running sample applications upon SCS in the first article. I suggest you to take a look at the first article before reading this one:

Part I: A Complete TCP Server/Client Communication and RMI Framework - Usage
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Very VERY good implementation!  Works like an absolute charm!!

Interesting. What are you using it for?

BTW - The Code Project just rocks. Totally goes to 11.

I'm currently using it inside of a Game Server/Login Server :)

I've created an open source TCP Client/Server project that is on GitHub as well.  The server runs on Windows and is implemented in C#.  The server also includes a Windows Authentication protocol, however; any authentication method can easily be implemented.  The project includes client APIs for Windows (C#), Android (Java), iOS/OSX (Objective-C).  I have also created an object access protocol that supports serialization of server-side C# objects, supports remote method invocation, passing of objects and arrays, variable (Property) subscriptions as well as event notifications.  Although I haven't open sourced the object access protocol, I would like to offer the protocol to any developers that are interested in trying out the API.  I will offer a free redistribution license.  Please contact me at my email address or goto my website.


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