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imagine future life

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further to my previous thread about "internet of things", I would like to discuss ideas about how future life could be and I am always interested in novel ideas from you

imagine you are at 10am at work
and an idea crosses your mind, to have succulent roasted pork with chips for lunch/dinner
you call your home system and say "roasted pork with chips for two at 6pm" (because you will be a bit late from work
your home system will start ordering the necessary from the warehouse and prepare the dish, so that it will wait you at 6pm fresh and warm!
sensors and robotic arms will follow the recipe exactly, so they will make the perfect dish every time!
or maybe you can download from the net a traditional recipe you found from a village in Czechia! it will be compatible with your home system!
ofcourse it will do the dishes afterwards, pay your bills, etc!
you will call your driveless car to move out of the parking and wait you at your job's door and drive you home without hassle! it will leave you infront of your door, because it's raining and it will go find a parking and park itself!
imagine all the time and effort you spend do the shopping, cook, etc!
it will be now yours to spend it with your family!

With that level of technology, your home will more likely immediately check your medical records and see what your government-provided medical insurance has to say about it, before telling you you're already 20 pounds overweight and can't have that. Then it will "helpfully" suggest a nice salad with low fat dressing and a 12 oz. glass of unsweetened iced tea for dinner instead. :P

No because there will be already a diet pill!!!  :P

My inclination would be that in a hi tech society unless you had to physically do stuff, like weld structures together or whatever, your workstation would be at home.  The boss would stop by your office to chastise or congratulate you, via VR hologram.  To get your desired dinner you would click on a menu or speak into a microphone.

Autopay for bills etc. can already be set up with your online checking.
A bigger boon than a driverless car is one that vacuumed washed and waxed itself. I usually enjoy driving but rarely enjoy the other chores.  :)

Now we just need a program that does your physical workout for you.  I don't think I'd like the muscle twitching type unless it can also make you unaware of the twitches.

But what I'd really like to see is a smart pool cue where you push a button and it performs a perfect masse shot. 

No because there will be already a diet pill!!!  :P
-kalos (December 20, 2014, 11:33 AM)
--- End quote ---

No there won't. There is too much money in selling crackpot weight loss products and questionably effective workout equipment for anyone who actually does succeed in producing the miracle weight loss product to actually get anywhere.

Also the body is far too varied. What works for some people does nothing for others, that's why most of the weight loss pills out there are so hilariously ineffective outside of an isolated handful of people that were in the test group.

And not only do those droids fetch groceries for you to enjoy in a savory roasted salad with pineapple ham glaze because the computer tried to turn what you ordered into a diet version and produced a mangled mess, but they also bring back your utility bills and the lease invoice for that equipment which is slowly but surely bankrupting you and forcing you to live on fast food.

Perhaps at some point in the future when we can take a line from Star Trek and accurately replicate a thanksgiving feast we could enjoy such benefits, but the way things stand right now we are headed straight for a dystopia and the luxuries of technology people dream about will be the death of our species.


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