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Some unknown webpage opens itself after starting my PC!

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Hello folks,
       lately i noticed , after when i boot up my pc , i open webpage to browse and check my mails. But i noticed after some time like about 30-40 mins
 some webpages opens it by itself. There name are mentioned below.
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They open in Internet Explorer and in Mozilla Firefox, sometimes different links but it opens at the same time.
Since i have a habit of downloading some stuffs from internet late at night, i usually restart my pc so that unknow program is not consuming my memory and leave the
download to complete till morning. When i wake up in the morning the same webpage's open in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, those webpages contains
some video about weight lose which plays by itself. But i notice my download is not complete, it consumes extra bandwidth.

I know i don't download adware or some useless junk from the net. I had my share of experience, so i think those junk must be downloaded by my other family
members. So what do i do to stop this, do i perform a reg scan , i don't use Anti-Virus, it just slows my PC. I have backups and whenever i face a problem i do a
restore. So what do i to stop this anonymous webpage from opening by itself and how did it get in the PC.

Any suggestion is welcomed.

i don't use Anti-Virus
-hulkbuster (December 16, 2014, 07:17 AM)
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Start there.

If your restoration procedure works for you, I would apply it, because your system is very (!) likely infected with junk.

When restoration doesn't come as easy and you are adamant about not having a virus scanner installed on your computer, then I would use (one of the) online virus scanners that most AV companies offer for free. The free version of MBAM (MultiByte Anti Malware) and similar freeware such as JRT, RogueKiller, AdwareCleaner I would install/run as well. All of these scan on-demand only.

For every browser on your PC (not available for IE), get the add-on: Ghostery and white-list websites only after careful consideration and make sure you update this add-on, whenever it wants to.

If you are not the only user on your PC, get an anti-virus solution! Any! Do yourself that favor! Seriously!

The short link is not dangerous by itself. But the extra "LINE_ITEM_ID_WILL_BE_HERE_ON_SERVING" -part is a line causing Norton 'safeweb' to react, and seems to have to do with "Fake App Attack: Fake Browser Update"! So someone in your family has probably clicked a fake "update now"-button on the web. I would say there most likely is more stuff to be found on your PC - so a scan&clean is important!

Surfing the Internet and downloading without anti-virus, is only acceptable when you are in absolute control of where&what - and you obviously aren't. So; Anti-virus, here hulkbuster comes! Or; family, stay off my PC!!

I'd try running Malwarebytes to see if it identifies any unwanted programs.

Note that you don't always have to install programs to get malware - sketchy sites often try to take advantage of hole in browsers to perform 'drive-by' installs of malware or to modify browser settings (such as start up pages).  Note that the sketchy sites don't have to be ones that you explicitly visited - advertising servers have been known to pass malware in the advertisements many websites use.


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