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how play Kindle for PC text-to-speech?


Is there a freebie way to get the free Kindle for PC to do text to speech?
Or a free app or freeware program to use with it?
I tried searching Google and can't seem to wade through all the ton of offers for tablet and handheld device reader apps to find anything.

I figured it out.
I use TextAssist 4.0 for all text-to-speech playback.
All I had to do was highlight the text with TA already started, and click on 'play'.
I also reduced text size to get more text on the screen and a longer playback between e-page turns.
Thank you.

PS - TextAssist is a very old program, from back in the days of WinXP or Win98.
It's only 'gliche' is that to make it work with Windows 7, you have to 'wake it up' first by playing any .flv video file for 2 seconds first, using FLVPlayer4free first (which I figured out through sheer blind persistence when I first installed Win7).
Then you can start TA safely and it works perfectly in Win7.

It would be nice to have a way to select all or more text in an entire Kindle ebook than a single page, for text to speech playback.

With very small font I can select a lot of text on a Kindle Reader page.
But TA (TextAssist) only plays back a portion of it.
It may be that Kindle Reader limits its clipboard capacity to inhibit massive whole-book copying to defeat piracy.
I was getting half-page playbacks, and having to search really tiny font text to figure out where to reselect the remaining unplayed text.
To avoid this, I began increasing font size incrementally until selecting a whole page of text corresponded to how much TA would play back at once.
It's not that TA is limited to selection size, but that Kindle Reader has a deliberately arbitrarily small clipboard.
At least now I can just select an entire page in the Reader and be sure TA will play it all so I can just turn pages between playbacks.


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