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NANY 2015 Release: Tox Profile Launcher

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NANY 2015 Release Information
Application NameTox Profile LauncherShort DescriptionTox launcher to handle multiple profiles.Supported OSesWindows 7/8Web PageN/A (for now)Setup FileTox Launcher
Requires µTox
Password: Masonjar13DescriptionI recently started using Tox in place of Skype, mainly because of privacy issues. Now, Tox is still in development and it looks as if they will be supporting this in the future, however, I'm using it now, and that functionality is important for me.

This Tox launcher handles all profiles for Tox. Natively, it only supports one profile, which consists of two files located in %appdata%\Tox. What this launcher does is archives those two files, each named respectively for what you name them via the gui. There is no limit to how many profiles you can have. To load them, simply start the launcher and double-click the profile in the listview control. To import, export, or create a new profile, just click the respective buttons.

* Import/export existing profiles
* Create new profiles
* If there are no saved profiles, a text will appear in the listview to let you save the current one
* Window may be moved by clicking anywhere on it that isn't a button (it's borderless)
* Uses non-installed custom font to match the guiScreenshotsInstallationUnzip and run. µTox must be installed before running. NotesRequires µTox.

Tox is in development, which means it may be buggy.
I have not contacted the creators in any way, nor have I used any of their source.

UI made entirely by my friend (name unstated until I have their permission)

Found a bug: if you shutdown your computer, it disallows new programs to open, thus you'll encounter an error message and the profile won't be saved. The only workaround I can think of is to abort, save, re-initialize shutdown. But that's sloppy. Is there a way to force-open an application while Windows is trying to shutdown?

Quick update: I'm still working on the UI, should be done in the next few days hopefully. I'll post a release thread when it's completed.

Attach some screenshots please.

It's not visually finished, but I've attached a screenshot to the original post.


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