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360 Total Security


I am trying 360 Total Security since it was recommended on Gizmo's site.  I like the virus scanner(even though it flagged BrowserBunch as a "threat.")  :)   I usually don't run with a real time shield.  This one has 4 settings with one being "Performance."  For that reason I'm giving it a go.  So far I haven't noticed a performance hit in Firefox Nightly x64.

Edit: 360 Total Security is Freeware

After I browse awhile I'll scan to see what it let through.

On a side note I noticed ToolWiz TimeFreeze released a new version.  I tried it briefly.  It seems now to insist on a reboot to turn it off.  Also I see no setting to not start with Windows(although you can have it come up disabled.)  I managed to stop it autostarting by using the tool in WinPatrol.

Edit: ToolWiz TimeFreeze Latest Version: Release Date: 2014-11-19


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