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Error Capturing Image


Oooh.  I just tried to take a screenshot of the zoom box in ColorMania 5.0 and SC didn't like that!
It gave me an error (I'd post a screenshot, but SC won't take it since it is it's own error box)
Error Capturing Image
ERROR: No content was found in the captured image.
This can happen if you have installed a security application that is blocking Screenshot Captor from functioning.
To solve this problem, you may need to add Screenshot Captor to the list of trusted/allowed programs in your security application.
For additional information see the help file or visit the forum.
If you were intentionally capturing a blank image, disable this check on the Miscelaneous Tweaks tab of options.

So, I can take a screenshot of the application window, and I can draw a selection over the controls.  But it errors when I attempt to draw a selection over the color boxes:



Actually, the problem is that SC won't take a screenshot of an image that is just one colour.
I'm trying to make 16x16 square blocks of solid colour from screenshots.
So I tried to do that in another program and it won't work there either.

I fixed this by unchecking this option in the Miscellaneous Settings:
Check for all white/black captures, suggesting security app interference.

Apparently that feature doesn't check for black and white!


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