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Ad Muncher is now free


Midnight Rambler:

The advantage of this ad-blocking software has always been that it's global; it blocks ads other than in browsers.  I've used it for a while now so thought you guys might appreciate it too. 

Since it's now freeware, doubt updates or support will be as they were as before but what can you expect.

Ad Muncher used to be an industry-leading program written in assembly language. It was a modern marvel of engineering & brilliance. It was innovative and program updates were frequent. Ironically, all that came to a screeching halt when the author started porting everything to C in order to make code updates easier & facilitate a faster release schedule. Since that's happened, v5.0 has been promised for *six* years and features that were promised long before that are still nowhere near being offered.

Today, it's obvious the world has passed Ad Muncher by. New ad signatures are released every day, but without any engine updates there are still lots of web sites that display ads or are just non-functional with Ad Muncher running. There are now other, better solutions out there that also block ads other than in browsers. They aren't free, but they offer the features Ad Muncher has been promising for years but has never delivered.

I'm not sure why the author thinks he'll have a better chance of releasing the much-hyped v5.0 of the program now that there's no revenue from selling the program when he couldn't get it released at the height of the program's popularity when the money was rolling in. And what happens when he runs out of possessions to sell off to support the program?


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