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customizable gui for cli apps

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I thought the following tool could be handy, a customizable layout system to manage cmd based programs.
It could be useful for people who suffer panic when using commandline little programs with many options difficult to remember, or in case that you need to process a file with different programs one after the other.
It would allow different layouts, comboboxes for the cmd options, buttons, flow designer for a row of tasks performed by different tools..
Going further some of these panel regions could be used to start/embed external programs which have their own gui, for example paintbrush.

Something like Customizable Remote Administration Panel (CRAP) perhaps?

Or my (IMHO) similar tool WinButtons :tellme:

Both aren't actually feasible for n00b users to start out with, but a more seasoned user can set up a set of applications for that n00b less experienced user using either tool.

Sounds like FARR could do that.

Thanks guys. I found both programs after posting this topic and plan to comment my impressions later.
Haha i'm afraid i'm the numb user here.


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