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Is there a task scheduler fixer


Arthur Menu:
Running Windows 7 Professional on a ThinkPad 510. I have installed a program called "Replay Radio" that captures audio streams off the internet. When I start the program a splash screen opens (it says "Replay Radio") and remain frozen on the screen while I also see an "unexpected error" message that says there is a corrupted task image. I click OK on the error message, the splash screen disappears and the program starts and is usable. I've done some reading on the internet about the Windows Task Scheduler and corrupted task images and fixing corrupted task images involves making changes in several places including the Windows registry. That's probably easy stuff for programmers but it seems pretty complicated (and a little scary) to me, a simple end user. I downloaded a program from Softpedia called "Fix My Task Scheduler" and ran it but it said it found no errors in my Task Scheduler. The conclusion of all this is: wouldn't it be nice if someone with the expertise created a program that would find and fix problems like mine. So if this is the place on the forum to make suggestions for helpful programs, I am making the suggestion.
-- Arthur

Did you try to simply re-install Replay?

I used to have Replay installed, and I don't remember it having anything to do with Windows Task Scheduler! If you have the neccessary license key to reinstall Replay, please allow me to encourage you to first install Revo Uninstaller Pro (30 days freee trial), and then use it to uninstall Replay.

Install Revo and when it is open, just 2x click Replay, and wait while Revo first is scanning.
=> it is then best to use Revo's setting "Advanced" (default is "Moderate").

Then re-install Replay, and the problem has hopefully left, without wrestling the Task Scheduler.  :tellme:

As I had problems with tasks on my PC, too, here are some questions:

* Can you see any tasks in Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks?
* If not, do all the tasks disappear for good, or do they re-appear after restart?
* Do you have access to the %SystemRoot%\Tasks folder, or the system refuses access?
* What does display the command "schtasks /query", run from the command line?
* And finally, don't you have Bitdefender Free Edition installed? — That was the culprit in my case.
(I'm using WinXP, so some locations or names might be different.)

on 7 Pro the address is:
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools  >  Task Scheduler

or %windir%\system32\taskschd.msc /s


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