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Matchstick - A streaming stick using Firefox OS [Kickstarter]

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Apparently there was some confusion about who the last update was aimed at:-4wd (June 12, 2015, 10:40 PM)
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Maybe that should clue them in that all the people still waiting for a unit should at least be mentioned in their software updates. Something like this might help smooth things over:

Hey folks! The nearly 17 thousand of you who will be getting this message but didn't get a development unit can go suck eggs for a while, cause this update has no useful information for you. Suckers!

Anyway, to the 250 people who do have a dev unit, we made a software update. Hooray for us! We're awesome like that.
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They killed it.

Unfortunately, we are unable to continue on this journey, and we will be refunding all Matchstick pledges.

After struggling with the DRM development based on Firefox OS for most of this year, we realize continued development of DRM, though showing early signs of promise, will be a long and difficult road. We have come to the conclusion that we will not be able to reliably predict the completion date of the DRM development without significantly more research, development and integration.
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This seems kinda fishy, since many, many backers didn't even want DRM in the first place. Why not go ahead and ship without that, then? I would have been happy.

Anyway, they say they're refunding everybody's money.

I think DRM was kind of a requirement to be able to play anything from sites from Netflix or similar sites.

But yeah, it seems pretty fishy. But we can't claim they're taking the money and running away with it since they're refunding everyone. Good on them for at least making it right with the backers.

Why not go ahead and ship without that, then? I would have been happy.-CWuestefeld (August 03, 2015, 04:37 PM)
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Same here, I didn't have any need for DRM.  Maybe part of the problem is/was that the market now has so many Android-on-a-Stick dual/quad/octo-core devices that can handle DRM through dedicated apps, at low prices, that it wasn't really viable any more.

Oh well, some money back so I can fund another project to get cancelled.

As a bonus I get more back than I paid due to the AUD dropping in value :)
(Although that will probably only cover the exchange rate fees.)


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