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when will we eventually be able to

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when will we eventually be able to go to a petrol station, fill our car, and pay automatically, contactless, instantly?

by a system that will recognize our plate and charge our account accordingly?

ok, if you want we can enter our pin to authorise the transaction, but for me personally it isn't necessary


Even better would be some type of data exchange when the nozzle is inserted.  I guess avoiding an electric current would be paramount with the proximity to the gasoline.  Perhaps some kind of magnetic field data doodad.  Your car would get a record how much gas at what price was added to the tank and the pump would get your ID for debit.

That way if someone snatched your plate you wouldn't be financing their joy rides as they stuck it on one car after another.

Also I was thinking there should be some way to detect the equivalent of octane in the fuel and adjust the spark advance settings in the ignition computer system.  I have been thinking about that because I see Miami cops tromp on the accelerator and their cruisers sound like crap.  The spark advance is not right.  It makes me wince every time I listen to the engine fighting itself.  No doubt they put low octane fuel in cars with high compression engines.

I don't know how difficult the octane detection would be.  But once known the spark advance intelligence should not be difficult to program.

sarcasm?  :huh:

Have you heard of this new invention called the wheel?

Have you heard of this new invention called the wheel?
-eleman (October 20, 2014, 11:59 AM)
--- End quote ---

oh we don't have it here in UK
where are you based? do you have it?


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