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4.9.0 - Cannot "Grab Selected Region"

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I just installed the latest version.  Try to grab a region.  When I left-click to start the selection an error window pops up that says "Range check error."

Yikes! That's the first I've heard of that.
I have a couple of questions:

* Is the problem reliably reproducible? (you may have to restart program to reproduce it)
* If you left click and hold the mouse and drag, same problem?
* Does it capture non-select-region type screenshots ok?
* If it doesn't happen on every capture, can you identify any factors that might be unusual when you get the error?


* It happens every time.
* It happens on mousedown. In other words, I left click and hold the button down to select a region. As soon as I click, the error pops up.
* Everything else seems to be working fine.

what if you just left click and relase, and dont hold down the mouth button -- same error?
can you email me ([email protected]) so i can send you a test version?

As soon as I click the button I get the error, whether I hold it down or release it does not matter. I sent you an email.


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