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Opinions on Best software for Extracting Attachments from PST files


There are quite a few out there from Free to $49.95.  So price isn't an issue as much as which one can do the job.  I need to gather and save all the attachments from several years worth of Email that is saved into several hundred PST files.  It would be nice to be able to run the program on the whole directory just once and have it dump all the attachments found into folders named after the PST they came from.

There must not be a big demand for anything like this as there doesn't seem to be a lot of opinions on which one, if any, is worth the price.  The ones offering the  "Free Trial of 10" look just like the ones that say Free ..Period.  The only one I have found that seemed to actually do anything was a Free script hosted on Source-Forge.  I would not mind paying for something made to do this and do a good job of it.

It is a simple straightforward need and I just wondered if anyone out there has tried any of them and could give me an opinion of whether they work, or just make a mess of things.  There is no need to cut out the attachment, I just need to make a copy of each attachment saved in a folder and leave the PST intact.  This is part of an effort to archive emailed documents separate from the stored email files not a need to reduce the size of the PST in use.

Thanks for any advice.

have you tried Nirsoft's OutlookAttachView?

Scanning Outlook Attachments of External PST Files
If you want to search an attachment in one or more PST files that are not loaded in your Outlook profile, you can use the following trick:

1.    Go to Control Panel -> Mail and choose 'Show Profiles'
2.    Click 'Add' to create a new profile.
3.    Fill the email account information with faked details (You can delete it afterwards)
4.    After the profile is created, double click on the profile, and in the profile properties, click 'Data Files' and add the desired PST files that you wish to scan.
5.    Also, you can click the 'E-mail Accounts' button, and remove the faked account that you previously created.
6.    In the Mailbox Scan Options of OutlookAttachView, choose 'Allow me to choose the profile' in the Outlook Profile option.
7.    When you are asked to choose the profile, you should choose the profile that you created, and OutlookAttachView will scan the PST files that you added into it. -website
--- End quote ---


Yes and norsoft is always one of my first places to look for the odd and one-off things that no one else neds,  they d o have it but i was not sucessfule in setting it up.  Coud be because the PST's are stored on a system that does not even have Outlook installed and maybe they need part of the Outlook engine to make it work.
The one on source forge can run totally independent but the output was a bit confusing  It was written for a Government Committee to use so ...
I guess that was our tax dollars at work in Arizona.  :)

Thanks fr the feedback and Nirsoft may be the one t o use in the end.

Gosh, I was hoping for at least a few people to comment :(.    Thanks for yours Lanux128.  Maybe this is a slow week ?  Or maybe really this IS something nobody else needs to do?


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