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Thumbnail Panel shows Screenshots in chronological order

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It only shows screenshots in the current folder, not subfolders.
Double clicking on a subfolder should change into it -- it's not?

Are you sure there is content in the folders you are looking at?
(as mouser says, when looking in a folder, it wont show content in it's subfolders)

OK, I've successfully got the thumbnails to show as desired in the Thumbnail Pane  :Thmbsup:
What's weird is that I've set C:\Program Files (x86)\ScreenshotCaptor\Screenshots as "Where to save Screenshot Files"

and yet images are still being saved to where they used to be

Just occurred to me to reboot, if I don't report back that means rebooting had no effect.

Looks like all I had to do in the first place was choose my \Screenshots directory in the Save In box at the top of the Save Image As window, and ScreenshotCaptor would have remembered it.  :P

^ that sounds like a bug -
although I'm suprised you're able to save anything in the Programs folder -
is that not usually blocked by the OS? (What's your OS?)


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