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Thumbnail Panel shows Screenshots in chronological order

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In older versions, the Thumbnail Panel on the left would show all your screenshots in chronological order.
What do I do in version 4.8.5 to get the Thumbnail Panel to show these?

View menu, SortBy submenu.

<<View menu, SortBy submenu.>>
That has no effect on the Thumbnails Pane. I need to know how to make thumbnails appear in the Thumbnails pane.
Perhaps then I can use View > Sort By to choose what order the thumbnails appear in.

your thumbnails aren't showing at all?!?!
But you have the thumbnail panel itself visible?
Can you take a screenshot of the SC window itself and post it please.

Here's what shows:

Double clicking the folders produces nothing.
BTW, can the Thumbnails Panel show all screenshots, regardless of what folder I've put them in? That would be ideal.


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