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Windows 10 Announced

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Arizona Hot:

Curt, hang in there man! :) OS upgrades are always extra tough when the user has a lot of customizations and extra apps installed.

Can anyone who has upgraded tell if these applications work well in 10: FARR, Everything and Autohotkey scripts (e.g. any issues with UAC or anything like that?).
-Nod5 (July 31, 2015, 05:26 PM)
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I have Everything and it works fine in Win 10(contrary to Steve Wright: "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?")
-Arizona Hot (July 31, 2015, 07:29 PM)
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Thank you for the encouraging empathy, Nod5  :up:  However, I went for "new OS overwrite previous OS", so I had no customizations or extra apps at all. One (not this one, but another one) might say "I don't have Everything, but nothing works either (or neither)."  :-[  I know, terrible! But remember, that was the other one!

It seems to me the two main ideas in Win 10 are 1) make money on advertizing, and take the battle as close to the consumer as possible. Microsoft is angry that they were fined several billion dollars, when at the same time competitors doing almost the same deed but calling it something else, were making gazillion dollars. Now MS stops playing the nice, gentle grandpa. 2) Getting us even more used to the idea that we can do nothing without some Big Brother knowing everything about us -  first "for our own comfort", but next "for our own safety".

I am not a fan of such ideas, so frustrations may arise a little too hasty.  ;)

@Curt keep in mind this is Windows 10.0 or the equivalent of "pre service pack" in previous Windows releases.  The release for free gets many people who would ordinarily wait for SP1 to be integrated to jump the gun.  I think it is going to get "interestinger" as it goes along.  :)

I think you're right, Miles; eventually it will of course be their best operating system so far - which is why I for the first time ever was maneuvering to be first in line.

BUT the comparison in my head is the car company launching a new model, and when people ask why there are no passenger seats, or why this or that obviously is missing, the answer is something like "Oh, we will add them eventually". Setting a fixed  date for launching a new model is by itself foolish, or what the proper term may be, because it makes a date become more important than fixing errors, and therefore also puts a date above both the customer and the company's trustworthiness / credibility / reliability / integration / honour / something ...

Well, I am the poor one, and they are the ga$illionaires, so who am I to speak.

Anyone else experiencing apps opening (minimized to taskbar) when logging in from lock screen?-Deozaan (July 30, 2015, 05:59 PM)
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Haven't seen that one, but I have noticed that Edge can be a bit "shy" at times, and will periodically disappear only to show up again later minimized (all session tabs intact) in the task bar.
-Stoic Joker (July 30, 2015, 06:29 PM)
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It's still happening for me. I come back from the lock screen and Xbox, Photos, and Calculator are open, but minimized.
 (see attachment in previous post)
-Deozaan (July 31, 2015, 11:19 AM)
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So... now I know it's not a lock screen thing. I was just sitting here using my computer as normal (happened to be reading a web site, or possible distracted by my tablet momentarily) and these same three apps just opened on their own.


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